The RVAHNAVY Association exists to serve the men and women who were associated with the United States Navy RVAH and VAH communities. Our mission is to honor those who served by providing resources, information, sponsoring reunions and remembering our Shipmates.


Membership to the RVAHNAVY Association is now free and there are no plans to collect membership dues in the future. The RVAH community is comprised of Enlisted Men and Women, Aviators, Commissioned and Warrant Officers, Tech Reps, A-5 Engineers, Family and Guests. Over the past 3 years (2007 – 2010) this group of people have been very generous and supportive to the RVAHNAVY Association. We will ALWAYS appreciate their significant contributions to help us get started. Our gear locker sales are now sufficient to meet our expenses. We encourage you to join our group today by simply registering with RVAHNAVY’s RecceNet. Thank You.


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